Read about Vera the Mouse

Maybe one day, you’ll be taking a walk out in the country, and before you even see the Blue House tucked in the woods, you will smell cookies baking and know that you are close.

This is the home of Vera the Mouse, her little dog, Saar, and her tiny mouse doll named Dolly . Please drop in. Friends are always welcome, but you will be expected to have a good time, share some news, and take plenty of smiles with you when you leave. And be sure you always have room for some of Vera’s famous pancakes! 

Vera can’t imagine a better life than living in the country surrounded by all her friends. Some people think country life is too quiet, but Vera finds plenty to do—cleaning her house, tending her garden, and cooking stacks of pancakes that reach all the way to the ceiling!

After all, one never knows when friends might drop by…or rather, in Vera’s case, when friends will go home. Vera loves to sing songs, tell stories, and do nice things for others. “Giving is the best gift of all,” says Vera, yet the more love she gives away, the more all her friends love her, too! After just one visit, you’ll see why Vera is seldom alone. Dolly is Vera’s most constant companion and housemate. Such a sweet little thing—and oh, so smart for a doll! Sometimes maybe a little too smart for her own good? Dolly likes to think up fun ways for them to pass the time—ways that often lead to mischief. But Vera loves her, no matter what, because that’s what friends are for!

Most dogs start out as puppies, but not Saar. She was a funny little rag doggy. Dolly stitched her up from fabric scraps as a surprise gift for Vera, and Vera said Saar was the best gift she had ever received. She’ll always remember the moment when she hugged Saar tight with love and joy, then felt the soft thump of Saar’s heart, a paw’s slight movement, and Saar’s soft head nuzzling under her chin. Vera thought she must be dreaming! Saar came to life because Vera loved her so very, very much! Saar is Dolly’s second-best friend, too. They are both so small that Dolly can fit her arm around Saar and even share a nap in Saar’s dog bed.

Whenever life in the country gets a little too quiet
or too routine, Vera’s glamorous cousin Bianca comes to visit. Bianca is used to the noisy, busy, exciting life of the city and manages to bring some of the city’s rush and confusion along with her. She shows up in the latest city fashion - often in red, the best color to show off her white fur, and loaded down with lots of wonderful presents. It’s easy to see why Fritzy has a little crush on her!

If you ask Bianca, you’d hear that Fritzy is a common shrew, a country bumpkin who burps loudly after meals. But Vera knows that Fritzy is a good neighbor and loving friend. He lives nearby in a bird’s abandoned nest box, but he spends most of his time hanging around the Blue House, especially when Bianca comes to call. “He eats his weight in pancakes!” says Bianca, but Vera never has to pay for any home repairs. Fritzy is eager to share his skills with a hammer, nails, and a paintbrush. Good friends pitch in for one another. And Fritzy is more cultured than Bianca thinks - he also paints pictures.

Vera doesn’t see a lot of her quiet neighbor, Mr. Mole, who prefers to keep to himself. Much of the time, he’s under his mole hill, tucked into his cozy chair, reading poems that are so beautiful they make him wipe away tears…or doing crossword puzzles…or simply snoring. But even Mr. Mole can’t resist coming to Vera’s Blue House once in a while to learn the latest news and see his friends.

Wrennie, a house wren, is always fluttering here and there on errands. But she finds time every morning to bring Vera a beautiful speckled egg. Ladybug is usually flitting about and ready to join her friends for a cup of tea or an adventure. She thinks her country spots are much too plain next to Bianca’s beautiful city clothes.



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